Why You Need Digital Marketing Services In Pakistan

Most people wonder why we need digital marketing services in Pakistan. Is opening a store and advertising it using traditional marketing methods not enough? While our traditional methods include running advertisements on television, distributing flyers and brochures, and hiring salesmen. Do we need an internet marketing service while we already have options that have worked for many businesses? 

The short and crisp answer to this question is YES. We need digital services like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing for the growth of our business in Pakistan. There are around 82.90 Million internet users and around 71.70 Million Social media users in Pakistan. These statistics are enough to prove the width of the market that you can target through the internet. Besides all of this, below are some more reasons why you need digital marketing services:

Reasons why you need Digital marketing services

Creating Brand Awareness

Creating awareness about your brand is essential for its growth. While traditional marketing methods like tv advertisements and brochures only give surface-level knowledge about your brand to customers. Social media marketing ensures that people develop a connection with your brand. Customers are usually more loyal to a brand that interacts with them directly through social media. 

Social media marketing companies use various strategies to create awareness about your brand. They create content that attracts people to your brand. They give regular updates and insights to ensure that people don’t forget about your brand. This helps a lot in creating a unique brand image in a very short time. 

Targets the right audience

Another important reason you need digital marketing services is because they help you target the right audience. The traditional marketing methods allow you to be a little specific with your audience and ads, but you can not create personalized ads with them.

However, online marketing services allow you to create highly personalized. SEO digital marketing helps you find the keywords people usually search for, which helps you create content around those keywords, and more people can visit your website. This will help you in gaining a lot of potential customers. 

Top social media marketing companies use the information of potential customers to show them personalized ads. Digital marketing agency targets potential customers using factors like location, gender, income, interest, relationship status, etc. By doing all this, your product reaches people who can be genuinely interested in buying it. 

Digital marketing services are affordable

Another important reason you need digital marketing services is because they are super affordable. While a popular Pakistani television channel charges around 15,000 to 200,000 per minute depending upon the time of the day for an advertisement. You have to pay less than this to run social media ads

In this way, small businesses with limited budgets can do their marketing. Plus, digital marketing will help you find more customers than traditional tv marketing. As 49% of people watch tv daily while more than 70% of people prefer going on social media for recreation. 

Increases credibility of your business

Another important reason why you need an online presence is it builds credibility. Think of the time when you needed any product or service. The first thing you must have done was to search for it on the internet. You would have found it more credible if that product or service had an online presence. 

You are not the only one who does that. Around 68% of people search for a product on social media before buying it. Social media marketing helps increase a business’s credibility, increasing its customers.

Suitable for all businesses

Digital marketing is suitable for all businesses in Pakistan. Online marketing caters to businesses of all sizes and categories. In Pakistan, there are few big brands in every category, and most people used to go for those brands only. In that scenario, small businesses used to have a hard time finding customers but digital marketing services have turned the tables. 

Businesses of all sizes can easily find customers by targeting their specific audience.  Digital marketing has made people more open to trying products from different brands. Social media marketing also helps promote unique products that people usually don’t buy from conventional stores. People buy so many weird and unique products just because they saw them on social media.

Hoping on trends

An average Pakistani citizen spends 2 to 4 hours on the internet daily. Every other day, we see a trend or meme going viral in Pakistan. These trends reach many people, and digital marketing allows you to find customers through them. You can easily hop on any trend and promote your business with it. This will help you find many customers and generate a lot of revenue. 

Tracking and improving

Digital marketing allows you to track your progress and improve your shortcomings. Many tools track your campaign’s performance and show real-time analytics and reports. This allows you to rectify your marketing mistakes without wasting a lot of time and money. 

Those analytics and insights not only improve your current campaign. You can use that data for planning and creating new campaigns. You can not track and correct your real-time performance with traditional marketing. You have to wait till the end to monitor the performance of your traditional marketing campaigns.

Last words

These are some major reasons why you need digital marketing services in Pakistan. While digital marketing can help your business in reaching heights. You have to find the best digital marketing agency that develops the best marketing strategy for your business. Every business is different, and there is no “one size fits all ” strategy in Digital marketing.

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