How to Start a Daraz Store in 1 lac rupees?

Are you an aspiring Pakistani entrepreneur looking to start a Daraz store in 1 lac rupees and start making money from Daraz? With the digital age in full effect, there are countless opportunities for individuals in Pakistan to make money online once they develop an understanding of the e-commerce market. 

Did you know that you can start a Daraz store in 1 lac rupees? 

Want to learn how to make a Daraz store and explore these money-making opportunities? Let’s take a look at all the different steps you need to take to create your first Daraz store. 

Daraz is a popular e-commerce platform in Pakistan that allows you to reach millions of customers across the country. You can sell a wide range of products, from electronics to fashion.

Moreover, this versatile platform lets you start making money from the comfort of your home. This makes it ideal for students, housewives, and people with full-time jobs who want to make some extra income on the side.

Want to sell carpets? Daraz. 

Cosmetics? Daraz.

Furniture? Daraz. 

Sabzi? Daraz!

If you’re looking to start a Daraz store with a budget of 100,000 PKR, it’s important to break down your expenses to ensure you’re allocating your funds effectively.

Your budget may include 4,000 PKR for a logo design to establish your brand identity and make a strong first impression.

You will have to dedicate about 50,000-60,000 PKR for product sourcing – one of your biggest expenses. 

Moving on, you will require the services of a qualified VA to manage your store, a virtual assistant will cost around 15,000 PKR.

Last but not least, you will have to spend an amount in excess of 15,000-25,000 PKR on paid marketing to generate leads and drive sales. 

Interested in starting your own Daraz store but need professional guidance? You can learn the A-Z of how to start a Daraz store in 1 lac rupees from this top-rated Daraz course.  

Starting a Daraz Online Store: What You Need

The best thing about selling on Daraz is that it allows you to reach a large customer base. With Daraz, the whole nation is your potential customer. Along with that, Daraz offers a trusted platform with seller support that provides round the clock query handling services.

With this guide, you will learn valuable tips and strategies to help you enhance your selling efforts on Daraz and increase your chances of becoming a top seller.

Step 1: Pick A Niche – Cost: Free

A niche or category refers to a specific area of focus or specialization within a larger market or industry. For example, in the context of e-commerce, a niche or category could refer to a particular type of product, such as electronics, fashion, beauty, home decor, or personal care.

By targeting a specific niche or category, businesses can tailor their products and marketing strategies to meet the unique needs and preferences of their target audience.

Choosing Product for Daraz Store 

When choosing products to sell on your Daraz store, it’s important to conduct thorough research and analysis to understand the market demand and customer preferences in Pakistan.

Professional product-hunting services can provide valuable insights and data on popular products, trends, and competition in your target niche or category, allowing you to make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success on Daraz.

Step 2: Competitor Research For Your Daraz Store in Pakistan – Cost: Free

Start a Daraz Store in 1 lac rupees

When selling on Daraz, conducting competitor research is an important part of understanding the market and audience in Pakistan. This can help you identify gaps in the market, differentiate your products and brand, and develop a competitive advantage.

Here are some key aspects to consider when conducting competitor analysis for your Daraz store in Pakistan

Review quantity and quantity: 

Check how many reviews your competitors have received on Daraz and the overall sentiment (positive or negative). This can give you an idea of customer preferences and how you can differentiate your products and services.

Store age: 

Look at how long your competitors have been selling on Daraz. This can give you an idea of their experience and expertise in the market.

Store Size: 

Check how many products your competitors have listed on Daraz. This can give you an idea of the size of their business and the variety of products they offer.

Pricing Strategy:
Check your competitors’ prices and see how they compare to yours. This can help you understand customer expectations and adjust your prices to stay competitive.

Competitors’ marketing: 

Look at how your competitors are promoting their products and brand on Daraz. This can help you identify what works and what doesn’t, and develop a unique selling proposition for your business.

Daraz Mall affiliation: 

Check if your competitors are part of Daraz Mall. This can give you an idea of their credibility and whether you should consider joining the program yourself.

Conducting competitor research can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have the necessary expertise. To ensure the best results and maximize your sales potential, it’s important to seek guidance from industry experts or enroll in a Daraz seller course offered by Cealea.

Step 3: Create A Daraz Seller Account – Cost: Free

Start a Daraz Store in 1 lac rupees

Do not worry if you are unsure of how to launch your store on Daraz. It is easy and painless! All you have to do is pick up your phone and text “Daraz” space “Name” to 7575 right away.

As an alternative, you can sign up on the platform’s seller registration page.

  • Enter personal and business information.
    • This includes your business or store name, email address, phone number, and business address in the required sections.
  • Provide the required documents.
    • These include your CNIC and banking details.
  • Add Product to Daraz store
    • To start selling, you need to complete the first 3 New Seller Verification steps and add at least 1 product to the Seller Center.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Make sure you read and understand each and every line of the Daraz terms and policies to understand how Daraz operates.
  • Submit your application.
    • All you need to do now is wait for approval from Daraz before you can officially use your Daraz Seller account. 

In case of any issues with the signup process, you can get expert Daraz seller support help from Get Digital Pakistan. 

Daraz Seller Bonus Tip # 01 – Get Your Store a Logo – Cost: 4,000 PKR

A well-designed logo can make your store memorable and attractive to potential customers. It is the first thing customers see when they view your products, making it a crucial part of your brand identity. 

Hence, when it comes to branding, you need to put some thought into the store name and logo. While hiring a freelancer can work for you, investing in a professional logo designer is better. They can better create a distinctive and memorable logo for your Daraz store. 

Companies like Get Digital Pakistan offer logo design services starting as low as 4,000 PKR. Along with that, as you set up the products, make sure to optimize your product descriptions and images.

Step 4: Product Sourcing – Cost: 40,000 – 60,000 PKR

Product sourcing from Daraz

To ensure your Daraz store has a consistent supply of quality products at competitive prices, it’s important to find reliable suppliers. Consider sourcing products from local suppliers or importing from countries like China. 

You can find suppliers through online marketplaces like Alibaba and AliExpress, or you can hire an expert product-sourcing agency to save yourself time and hassle.

As a new Daraz seller, it is important to have enough inventory or stock available to fulfill orders until you receive your first payment from Daraz. This is because Daraz usually initiates payments within 15 days after the end of each month for all orders that were confirmed as delivered and are not subject to a return or refund during the previous month.

For example, if you are selling a product with a cost price of 400 Pakistani rupees and a selling price of 550 Pakistani rupees, and you can sell 100 products in the first 2 weeks, you would need to have at least 100 x 400 = 40,000 Pakistani rupees worth of stock available to fulfill these orders. 

On top of that, as a new Daraz seller, it is important to spend around 20,000 PKR for 50% of your inventory to cover the time after you start receiving payments from Daraz. However, it is also crucial to carefully manage your inventory to avoid selling out before you receive payment, which can impact customer satisfaction and future sales.

This will ensure that you can fulfill all orders without any delays or stockouts until you receive your payment from Daraz.

It is also important to monitor your inventory levels regularly to ensure that you have enough stock available to fulfill orders in a timely manner. 

This will help you maintain a good reputation as a seller and improve your chances of making more sales on the platform. If maintaining stock ledgers, keeping up with suppliers, and managing the inventory becomes a hassle, consider hiring a Daraz virtual assistant (VA).

Step 5: Daraz Organic Marketing: – Cost: Free

Organic marketing on Daraz involves promoting your products through non-paid channels, such as social media, email, and search engine optimization (SEO), to reach potential customers and increase sales.

Here are some tips for organic marketing on Daraz in Pakistan:

Optimize your Daraz store

Make sure your Daraz store is well-designed and easy to navigate. Include high-quality product images and detailed descriptions, and use keywords in your product titles and descriptions to improve their visibility on Daraz’s search engine.

Leverage social media:

 Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote your products and Daraz store. Create engaging content that showcases your products and use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.

Build an email list:

Collect email addresses from your customers and send them regular newsletters with updates on new products, promotions, and other news related to your business.

Use of Online Platforms: 

Joining social media groups, online communities, and forums can increase your visibility and build relationships that lead to increased sales on platforms like Daraz. However, remember to be authentic and provide value to the community rather than just self-promotion.

Organic marketing is crucial for a successful Daraz store and yields long-term results. If you’re unable to handle it yourself, consider hiring professional service providers like Get Digital Pakistan to help grow your Daraz store.

Step 6: Promoting Your Daraz Store – Cost: 15,000 – 30,000 PKR

In addition to social media marketing, you can also leverage Daraz’s marketing tools, such as paid marketing campaigns, to boost your sales and break the competition.

Offering discount offers, discount cards, and gift vouchers can also attract Pakistani consumers to your store.

By combining these strategies with your organic marketing efforts, you can effectively promote your Daraz store in Pakistan and increase your return on investment.

However, if you are not familiar with paid campaigns on social media, it is recommended to seek help from a professional freelancer or agency like Get Digital Pakistan to ensure that your campaigns are set up correctly and achieve your desired results.

Additionally, professional freelancers or agencies can provide valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your campaigns and help you reach your target audience more effectively.

Step 7: Daraz Store Management – Cost: Free

how to start a Daraz store in Pakistan

Effective store management is crucial for the success of a Daraz store. It helps streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

Following are the 5 most important tasks to consider while managing your Daraz store successfully:

  • Efficiently managing orders
  • Promptly responding to customer inquiries
  • Ensuring timely delivery of products
  • Handling returns and refunds effectively
  • Staying up-to-date with Daraz policies and guidelines.

Daraz Seller Bonus Tip – Hire a Virtual Daraz Store Manager – Cost: 15,000 PKR

Hiring a VA to manage your Daraz store can save you a lot of time, especially if you have other responsibilities. 

While it may be a bit costly, it is worth the investment to ensure the efficient operation of your store. Consider professional virtual assistant services from agencies like Get Digital Pakistan to help manage your Daraz store and secure your investment. 

Step 8: Self-Fulfillments – Cost: Free

how to start a Daraz store in Pakistan

If you’re a new seller on Daraz and don’t have access to Daraz’s fulfillment services, known as Fulfillment By Daraz or FBD, you’ll need to package and complete your own orders. 

As a new seller on Daraz, packaging and completing your own orders can be a challenge, especially when it comes to determining

  • Packaging material
    • Thoroughly researching and carefully selecting the most effective packaging materials such as tapes, bubble wraps, boxes, and markers is crucial to ensure that your products are shipped safely and arrive at the customer’s doorstep in good condition.
    • Choosing affordable options while maintaining quality can also help maximize your profits and enhance the customer experience, which can lead to positive reviews and repeat business.
  • Choosing a Shipping Company
    • Selecting a reliable and efficient shipping company is crucial to ensure that your customers receive their orders on time and in good condition, which can enhance customer satisfaction and lead to positive reviews and repeat business.
    • When choosing a shipping company, it is important to review their terms and policies and check customer reviews to gauge their reputation and reliability.
  • Special Fragile Goods Packing
    • Fragile items such as decoration pieces, jewelry, and other delicate products require extra packing efforts to ensure that they are not damaged during shipping. 
    • Specialized packaging is necessary to protect fragile items from weather and poor handling during transit, which can help minimize the risk of customer complaints and returns.

To address these challenges, you can consider purchasing packaging material in bulk, comparing prices from different suppliers, and researching shipping companies to find the one that best suits your needs.

Additionally, joining Daraz’s seller support workshop offered by Cealea (Centre for Advanced Learning) can provide valuable insights and guidance on these and other aspects of running a successful e-commerce business on Daraz. It is delivered by Daraz experts who have built several successful stores.

Step 9: Customer Service – Cost: Free

how to start a Daraz store in Pakistan

In Pakistan, providing great customer service is important for building trust and loyalty with customers on Daraz. This means responding quickly to their questions and complaints and ensuring timely delivery of their orders.

In addition to responding quickly to questions and complaints on Daraz, it is also important to promptly reply to customers on your social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

You can set up an auto-response message to acknowledge their message and let them know that you are working on their request.

By providing excellent customer service, you can improve the chances of customers returning to your store and recommending it to others.

Quick and efficient responses to customer queries are important for maintaining customer satisfaction. If you are unable to manage this on your own, hiring a Daraz VA can help ensure timely responses and enhance the customer experience.

Expert Advice: Start Small and Grow Large on Daraz

As a Pakistani Daraz store owner, it’s important to focus on selling popular items that are in high demand to minimize the risk of investing in inventory that might not sell well.

By carefully choosing your niche, researching your market, sourcing affordable products, and providing excellent customer service, you can grow your store and increase your profits

Start with a limited inventory of these items and gradually expand your selection to test the market and maintain financial stability. 

By doing so, you can grow your store’s inventory over time and improve your chances of success on Daraz.

Pro advice: To Start a Daraz Store in 1 lac rupees

As a Daraz seller, it is important to save time and money by managing your store efficiently, especially if it is a part-time activity. However, it is crucial to have knowledge and experience in managing and running a successful Daraz store to avoid potential losses.

This includes being aware of scams, learning how to receive good reviews, and handling return charges effectively. To achieve this, you should seek professional training or consider hiring an expert to manage and handle your Daraz store.


A budget of under 1 lac PKR in Pakistan is enough to start a Daraz store in 1 lac rupees. If you invest a good amount of time into research and implementing your findings, you can join other successful individuals from Pakistan that are making lots of money. 

You can create your own Daraz store or have it made by a professional. Similarly, you can hire freelancers or experts from professional digital marketing agencies to manage it. No matter the direction you choose, make sure that you take the first step as soon as today! 

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