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If you’re not hiring a SEM agency to market your business, you’re neglecting a prime conversion driver. 

 Get Digital Pakistan, play SEM cards perfectly to rank you first on all search engine players.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the most important conversion driver in Pakistan. Paid advertising within search engines is a buzzword that brings in more revenue.

Google campaigns reach 80% of Internet users worldwide- That’s huge! Even if you’re trying to achieve new subscribers, newsletter sign-ups, or contest entries, SEM is useful

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Do You Know Why SEM Is Important To Your Business?

A search engine marketing agency allows you to target keywords intended for your targeted prospects. Paid ads offer better CTR and conversions than passive forms of marketing.

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Get Digital Pakistan defines a powerful SEM strategy with a rent-to-own approach.


We use the right keywords, optimize web content & add quality links for effective ads.


A search engine marketing agency like ours takes on both Organic and Local SEO.

Monitoring & Reporting

We run your ads to measure CPC, CPR, bounce rate, and ROI and apply web analytics.

We Help Your Business Grow Online Leads, Calls, And Revenue.

Google AdWords launched in 2003, and brands are spending millions on convincing customers to buy from them ever since. With AdWords’ search-based ads, you can just serve your offer to potential buyers.

Google Ads

We run google ads to drive good-fit customers to your business website & boost sales.

Google Remarketing

We help you get followed by your targeted Clients online as they move across the Internet.

Google Ads Audit

In order to ensure that your Google ad campaign is effective, we evaluate the results.

Google Display Ads

Get Digital Pakistan promotes your page through digital graphics like image ads or videos.

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What Makes Us A Top SEM Agency?

We work in a variety of industries and treat every client differently. GDP helps you generate leads from SERP.

We Take Result-Driven Approach

Get Digital Pakistan, takes time to understand your goals so you reach your desired results.

We Offer the Utmost Support

We have seen what works and what doesn't. Despite being experts, we ensure maximum support.

Do You Have Any

Get Digital Pakistan understands the challenges of remaining competitive in the digital market. To help you stay ahead of the competition, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals comes up with profitable search engine marketing strategies.

Since digital trends are ever-evolving, GDP employs cutting-edge solutions to thrive in the digital market.

Our services related to SEM range from keyword research to setting up Google and Bing Ads accounts and account management.

Get Digital Pakistan offers three different types of pricing plans to meet the budgets of every enterprise. If you have customized demands, you can contact us to get a quote.

Get Digital Pakistan suggests an exclusive strategy according to your brand. We suggest ways to market your brand across search engines by taking into account its goals, industry, and business model.
To start SEM for your brand, we would like to have detailed information about your audience, industry, goals, and KPIs. We also need a payment receipt from you and other information related to your brand.

Pricing Plans


  • Ads Spending: 50K
  • Google
  • Display Ad Graphics: 1
  • Set-up Google Ads Account
  • Keyword Research
  • Single Keyword Ad Groups
  • Account Manager: Shared


  • Ads Spending: 100K
  • Google + Bing
  • Display Ad Graphics: 2
  • Setup Both Ads Account
  • Keyword Research
  • Multiple Keyword Ad Groups: 3
  • Account Manager: Shared


  • Ads Spending: 500K
  • Google+ Bing
  • Display Ad Graphics: 4
  • Setup Both Ads Account
  • Keyword Research
  • Multiple Keyword Ad Groups: 6
  • Account Manager: Dedicated

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Our mission is to provide digital services at all price tiers for clients of all sizes in order to facilitate Pakistan’s digitisation.

Our vision to become the default choice for all digital services for individuals, industries, charities, and governments in Pakistan.

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